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United States

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Ducks Unlimited Canada

North American Waterfowl Management Plan Canada

North American Wetlands Conservation Council Canada

Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources

US. Fish & Wildlife Service

Division of Migratory Bird Management

USGS Black Duck JV Site

Central Flyway Council

Ducks Unlimited

North American Bird Conservation Initiative

North American Waterfowl Management Plan

North American Wetlands Conservation Act

US Geological Survey- Patuxent Wildlife Research Center

Education and Recreation

Canadian Wildlife Service - Ontario's Wildspace site

Hunting Regulations


Wildlife Habitat Canada

Birds at USFWS

Hunting Regulations


Species and Habitat
Eastern Habitat Joint Venture EHJV  

Atlantic Coast Joint Venture                

Lower Mississippi Valley Joint Venture        

Gulf Coast Joint Venture                        

Sea Duck Joint Venture                        

Arctic Goose Joint Venture - USGS Site


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